A delicious new endeavor…

fb_donutsI’m so excited to start a new chapter of The Sugar Fairy! For 13 years I’ve been baking custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes for friends, friends of friend, and friends of friends of friends! I’ve loved it! Now I’m ready to share some of the recipes, decorating tips and tricks I’ve learned, so you can make delicious treats for your friends and family too!

I told a friend I was going to begin putting my some of my creative efforts into a blog, freeing up my weekends so I could spend more time with my growing 3 kids. She was very supportive and excitedly said, “I didn’t know you could write?!”  Well, folks, I’m not sure I can write, but I do know how to bake, so if you’ll pardon some of my rusty grammar skills, and fire up your ovens, we can make something delicious together!

Not everything I bake or decorate will keep you up at night (like some of my past works did me.) I’m hoping to share the joy of baking and decorating with simple, fun, delicious, recipes that you can make with your kids, or your kids can make for you! And, then, just to keep you on your toes, I’ll also challenge you (or your kids) with some more adventurous baking projects too!

Thanks for joining me on this new journey! I’m looking forward to every minute of it!



  • Gina Dias - AMY – I miss seeing your wonderful creations. I see that you’ve started a blog but can’t seem to find it nor can I seem to find your recipes.

    Please help!!! Anything that you make must be the BEST!!!

    Miss you . . . . . . and I’m glad I knew you when you made the absolute best coconut cupcakes on the planet!